Narishe Tantz stands for klezmer music as folk music on a high musical level. Klezmer music is defined as the music of yiddish speaking jews living in shtetls in Eastern Europe in the 19th century. Klezmer music was mainly played at weddings. It was an important part not only when dancing started, but also at other parts of the wedding, for instance accompaning the groom and the bride to the wedding canopy or greeting the mekhutonim, the inlaws of the bride.

Klezmer music was always influenced by the music of its neighbours, e.g. ukrainian, moldavian and even greek and gypsy music. Narishe Tantz loves the variety within the genre and understands klezmer music not only as dance music. We certainly like bulgars typical known for american klezmer music, but we also enjoy those pieces in slower tempo, like dobridens (greeting of the guests) or chassidic waltzes.

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